Acupuncture Care For Muscle Aches

Muscle pain is a common cause among Americans and there are various reasons for it. Some of the causes for muscle aches are injury, trauma, sprains, strains, tension, stress, drug dependency, Fibromyalgia, electrolyte imbalance, lupus etc. Research shows that many people turn to
acupuncture for different types of pains like back pain, headaches, joint pains, neck pains and various muscular aches. One study showed that around 3.1 million Americans went to see an acupuncturist for their differing muscle aches.

Muscle Ache


The reason people prefer opting for acupuncture instead of traditional medicines is that there are no side effects and the pain level reduces considerably. Unlike medicinal use, there are no chances of dependency and the pain would stay at bay or be completely cured instead of recurring when the intake of medicines is stopped. Even though further research is needed to show how and why acupuncture works for muscular pain, the evidence shows that acupuncture is a promising alternative treatment for all types of pains.

Different Muscular Pains and Acupuncturist Care

The different types of pains that have been treated with acupuncture and their results are discussed below.


Acupuncturist care has seen a lot of positive effects on people suffering from fibromyalgia. Research shows that most patients who went to an acupuncturist saw drastic reductions in their overall physical well being as well as a decline in their pain levels. Unlike pain medications, there were no side effects and with continued sessions, patients experienced better results.

Low-back Pain

Patients suffering from chronic low back pain should try opting for acupuncture, as research shows that the needle insertion in specific acu-points and then warming them helped a lot of people with chronic back pains. This worked especially well for people who did not respond to conventional modes of treatment. Both acupuncture and stimulated acupuncture turned out to be effective.

Headaches and Migraines

People with mild to severe headaches as well as migraines got acupuncture treatment and most patients agreed that acupuncture worked as well as pain medication. The added advantage was that for some people, the pain completely disappeared after a few sessions. This cannot be achieved with pain medications, because patients report that once they stopped taking the drugs, the pain recurred, either in the form of a headache or a migraine.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Research shows that acupuncturist care works well for carpal tunnel syndrome. When you seek an acupuncturist for this disease, they provide both stimulation acupuncture and herbal medicines.

What to Expect When Visiting an Acupuncturist

When you go to an acupuncturist, they will first make a full examination of your pain site to determine the type of pain you have. After that they would determine what course of action is needed for your particular condition. A plan of action would be decided for you and the number of sessions and duration of those sessions would depend on the severity of your muscular pain.

What is important to remember is that, such alternative treatments take time to work and require patience and diligent following. With continued treatment your symptoms could be cured.

  • by Lotus Wellness Center