Alternative Treatment For Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition where the patient has continued pain in their muscles. This leads to a very significant damaging effect on the overall life of patients as constant pain leads to fatigue and exhaustion.


Researchers still have no idea about why fibromyalgia occurs but some doctors say that it could be because of some hormonal or chemical imbalance. Studies show that women of ages 25 to 60 are 10 times more likely to develop fibromyalgia than men. It is generally accepted among doctors that the syndrome is triggered by factors like stress, little sleep, cold or humid weather and a lot of physical activity or lack of it. Some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia are given below:

  • Fatigue: Fatigue is part of fibromyalgia because the chronic pain makes the patient feel weak and tired. The feelings of exhaustion continue even when the person has slept or taken some rest. Fatigue can be such that it affects the daily routine life of patients.
  • Sleep Issues: Because of the constant pain, people with fibromyalgia have sleeping issues. They either have trouble falling asleep or keep waking up during the night. Some people don’t get to have proper sleep at all.
  • Depression or Anxiety: According to research people who have fibromyalgia, also develop depression. This could be because of continued pain and lack of proper sleep. The relation between the two is still unclear.
  • Tender Joints: One particular aspect of people with fibromyalgia is that there are certain joint points that if pressed would make the patient feel pain.

Treatment Options for Fibromyalgia

There are many treatment options for fibromyalgia. Recent studies suggest that more and more people are turning to alternative treatment methods because medicines seem not to have lasting effects and symptoms return as soon as medication is stopped. Alternative methods like exercise, diet control, massage therapies, acupuncture and chiropractics are feasible.


It is seen that exercise relives many fibromyalgia symptoms as hormones that are released allow better sleep and engender feelings of well-being. Regular fitness routines also help in maintaining the pain and reduce depression. The best forms of exercises are aerobics, swimming, walking, stretching etc.

Massage Therapies

Massages can help reduce pain and elevate depression. The body becomes calm and sleep is also induced. A 20-minute session might work wonders for some patients.

Diet Control

Researchers believe that foods which contain MSG, aspartame and caffeine can increase the symptoms of fibromyalgia. But this is different for all individuals and people would have to try different diets to see what works best for them.


More and more people are seeking the care of an acupuncturist. Thin needles are inserted in selected acupuncture points that help relieve pain, lessen depression and increase sleep. Again the results are different for different patients. But it seems to work better as compared to medications.


Chiropractic care is rapidly increasing for patients suffering from fibromyalgia. The pain in back, neck, head and shoulders is reduced when you seek a chiropractor. Special spinal adjustments are made to the patients that help with the syndrome.

  • by Lotus Wellness Center