I cannot recommend Lotus Wellness and Dr. Deepak enough. Aside from being the kindest soul in healthcare, he has a deep understanding of bio-mechanics, musculature, and eastern medicine. I see him first for all my ailments and injuries before I'd even consider going to my primary care physician. In fact, it's been years since I've had the need to see my primary because Dr. Deepak manages to fix everything without drugs and scalpel. As a very active middle age guy I get into lots of sports related injuries. Each time, I hobble into his office and he identifies the source of where my injuries came from and proceeds to fix it using the appropriate method & tools. I feel like each time I get hurt and see him I come out stronger and healthier overall. Did I mention what a kind and great guy he is?

Dr. Mala & Mohan Moosad are caring professional doctors. They improved our Quality of life. My daughter no longer has asthma or ADHD. The treatment are kid friendly. My daughter stared at 5 years old. I am no longer depressed or PMS. We don't take any daily drugs for ailments. We visit Lotus to fix the root cause! Lotus staff is friendly and helpful. I'm so excited to find a Dr who has a solution . Keep an open mind. It will work for u too.

Cynthia L.(Yelp)

Dr. Deepak is the best! Got referred to see him from a powerlifter friend of mine for a recurring shoulder issue. I had already seen other chiro/specialists, my primary care physician, and an orthopedic specialist. None were able to give me the help I really needed, nor specific advice beyond me "having strong rotators" and some other "tests" (besides an x-ray that showed nothing) that I could easily google. Yeah I knew that already.. Dr. Deepak was quick to assess the real culprit (not shoulder) of the issue and got straight to work. My very first session he instantly demonstrated great knowledge and passion for his work. As a lifter with a heavy science background, this was very refreshing. You must come here if you need work/rehabilitation done. Thanks to the Lotus team and especially Dr Deepak :)

Brian H.(Yelp)

Dr. Mossad and family have really helped me and continue too. I looked for a caring and compassionate Chiropractor who just doesn't crack ur bones, but who is knowledgeable. He goes above and beyond an internist/GP. Dr. Mossad was trained better than a MD in my opinion!!!!! He has addressed issues that my MD never thought of or bypasses. It's hard to find a doctor who still has the passion,and wants to see his patients achieve optimal health. He is my one stop shop for any health issues or concerns. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to EVERYONE !!!!!

J C.(Yelp)

Dr. Deepak Moosad hands down the greatest of all time! I'm very picky with my chiropractor I've tried them all Dr. Deepak is the only one out there who has helped me tremendously I've had shoulder pains for about 6 years they are completely gone. I work out 6 days a week and my body ask to see Dr. Deepak been pain free ever since I've been going here. Highly recommend him even just sitting down and talking to him about health and Nutrition he KNOWS HIS STUFF!

Jason W.(Yelp)

Love this place! The results are quick and lasting. Highly recommend.