Dr. Mala is so intuitive and always knows what to test for even when I don't, just by my symptoms. She is so compassionate and a great listener. Dr. Mala is so amazing! She has fixed so many health problems for me, when Western Medical Doctors have no idea what's the cause or what to do to treat my symptoms. NAET is so much more than treatment for allergies. Mold toxicity, unbalanced pH, viruses, the flu, yeast infections (localized or systemic), chemical sensitivity, swelling & inflammation...Dr. Mala's use of NAET helps with all these and more. I was feeling so sick and horrible last week - this was after months of feeling bad and none of my doctors would or could help. Muscle weakness, fatigue, swelling, acid reflux, nausea, exacerbated joint pain, kidney pain, blood in urine, weight gain & more. It was also causing me to be severely depressed. I was contemplating suicide. Dr. Mala knew exactly what to treat me for and I am feeling a million times better! I am feeling great with so much more strength & energy and no longer hopeless! Thank you Mala! Thank you for all the other times too!!

Mindy S.(Yelp)

Do I believe in miracles? I suppose now I do. It started with extreme pain in my hand which I ended up going to the general doctor so that they can refer me out to a neurologist. After 3 additional trips to this neurologist and painful testing methods I was diagnosed with carpel tunnel. I did research on my own and my symptoms had nothing to do with carpel tunnel.. but as my neurologist said to me " Are you a doctor?". They asked me several times if I wanted Naproxene(?) as if that was the answer to my pain and assigned me to see a physical therapist. My friend who visits Dr. D on a weekly basis suggested I see him to see if he could help. Yes, I did laugh at this because why would a Chiropractor know about my carpel tunnel. Two additional trips to a physical therapist and I just had about enough with the generic diagnosis of having carpel tunnel and not getting any relief. I made an appointment with Dr. D. He adjusted my entire body and happy to say that the pain started to diminish and finally gone. Everyone will have their own experience but I am SO thankful mine ended like this.

D A.(Yelp)

I love Lotus Wellness Center. I love knowing I can call at any time to ask questions and or schedule appointments. The atmosphere is always so calm and everyone is always so friendly. Dr. D takes the time each visit to make sure he is addressing exactly what your concern is. He makes sure I'm feeling relief after being adjusted, and is always asking about how my family is. It is truly a great place!

Breanna S.(Yelp)

I've had excellent results from seeing Dr Mala. Lovely healing environment. Everyone is extremely friendly and caring.

S W.(Yelp)

I came to Lotus Wellness Center to treat my bilateral carpal tunnel. I had tried medication and physical therapy for several months and nothing seemed to be alleviating my pain. After my first session with Dr. Mala, I noticed a difference. My carpal tunnel has finally gotten manageable and I am extremely pleased with my results from Lotus. All of the staff are extremely collaborative and all share their expertise when it comes to your case. I've seen all 3 doctors now and they have all contributed to the betterment of my health. The only downside is the wait time. I usually book my appts right when they open so I don't usually have to wait more than 20 minutes. I did have to reschedule my appt once to a weekday at 4:30 and ended up waiting about 45 minutes past my appt time. I would highly recommend Lotus Wellness Center!

Itzel A.(Yelp)

After my initial experience with Lotus wellness center I was contacted by Dr. D, he expressed his concerned about our experience and really showed some interest and made a lot of emphasis in making sure my mother's health was first priority. He went out of his way to reach out to us and offered to do whatever was necessary including a full refund and a letter of apology so we would understand they strive to provide the best possible services. I really appreciate Dr. D's effort and time in the matter. Thanks for making this a much better experience. It shows they really care.

J C.(Yelp)