"I cannot tell you what a difference Lotus Wellness has made in my life. With a combination of Massage, Acupuncture and Chiropractic care. They decrease my dependency on muscle relaxers and leave a more positive life. I want to say only thank you to Louts Wellness for providing such valuable services.

Amazing. Just amazing. I'm so grateful for the gift certificate I received that introduced me to Lotus Wellness Center. I wish my insurance would hurry up so I can go back already. My first experience with acupuncture and NAET went wonderfully! I have tried every type of medication for anxiety and I've never felt the calm I felt after my acupuncture appointment. It was over 100 degrees outside when I walked out of the Lotus Center and I felt calm and collected when I normally would have been a anxious mess in a matter of seconds. I'm so impressed, I gave my Primary Physician a brochure so they can refer any patients needing help. I cant get back soon enough! Thank you Dr Mala and Mohan for making my first experience simply AMAZING!

Angi A.(Yelp)

I started coming here about a year ago, when I was still coming back and forth from NY. I always have a great experience and very positive results with Dr D and his team! I leave the center with a huge smile on my face and my body saying thank you! As I settled in LA, I moved further away and decided to try another chiropractor closer to me....HUGE DISASTER, that my entire body is chronically paying for - Currency: Pain! Now, I am making the trek back to Lotus Wellness trying to correct my body with some acupuncture...so at least we are not aggravating anything else with more adjustments. I'm hoping for all this pain to be gone soon... In the meantime, word of advice: When you've found a good team of doctors and are getting great results, don't leave just for the sake of distance/gas and a cheap 'groupon'.

Fo- O.(Yelp)

Dr. Mala, Mohan, and D are one of a kind! Their unique ability to uncover the root of your problems is astounding and life changing. NAET has solved so many problems for my family and I - everything from hay fever to back pain to bee sting anaphylaxis type allergies. It's truly miraculous what NAET can do. The staff make you feel right at home and the wait (if there is one) is totally worth it.

Sommer K.(Yelp)

Dr. Moosad is one of the best chiropractors I know. He has a great heart and mind for holistic care and brings that to every person he meets. He built the practice from the ground up and that is very admirable. He and I have a common ground both being former military. Dr. Moosad puts service at the top of his long list of values. Thank you for all your help Deepak. Your care always brings me to closer to my best.

Stanton H.(Yelp)

I really appreciate Dr. D's special insight into health and well being, he brings a lot of knowledge and caring from many different fields. I have had the chance to be treated by him using NAET methods and am impressed by his ability to find hidden and otherwise unaddressed reasons for less than optimum health. If you have symptoms that other health care professionals have been unable to resolve consider giving Lotus Wellness Center a call.

Craig D.(Yelp)