I am an acupuncturist from GA and I took NAET classes in California where met Dr. Mala. I was so impressed by her expertise that I traveled back to Orange county with my son to get NAET treatments. The experience in Lotus Wellness Center was absolutely amazing. During the visits they helped me tremendously with lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain. In fact when I came back and when to see my local chiropractor there was nothing to work on! My son is on Autistic Spectrum and after 10 days of treatments his language and eye contact improved a lot. I am planning to go back next summer again to see Dr. Mala and Dr. Moosad.

Julia S.(Yelp)

This place is amazing! A very professional staff and a clean, comfortable office environment are great points to make about this place; However, it is truly Dr. Moosad that makes you want to come back. He is very friendly and will take his time with you, making sure he gets to the root of your problem so he can properly adjust you. Some Chiropractors make you feel uncomfortable with their adjustments, but Dr. Moosad will tell you what he's adjusting, why and what the adjustment will do for you. You also don't feel like you're being taken for a ride like a lot of other Chiropractors do. I once took my boyfriend to a different place because he injured his shoulder and it was affecting his neck and the guy we saw was a quack - he sent us to another facility to get X-Rays and then when we took them back he made all these marks and a big deal about how my boyfriend had "serious" bone spurs on the vertebrae in his neck (which, at 26 years old is pretty preposterous) and then the guy recommended a 12 week treatment program, blah blah that whole scam. Dr. Moosad does NOT do this. He has his own X-Ray machine so he's not going to send you to another facility he has s business partnership or deal with, and he recommended (for me at least) one treatment a week for 4 weeks to get my neck and spine properly aligned and then anything after that was up to me and how I was feeling. I felt cared for at this office, and as a constant neck cranker for years my neck has never felt better! I love coming here :-)

Sarah F.(Yelp)

Lotus Wellness Center is the perfect name for this place. Its beautiful on the inside and very well organized I must say. And I can't say enough about the care provided by Dr. Moosad. He's caring and understands the problem right away. I was having constant headaches from my neck pain and after one adjustment, I was feeling better in no time. Also, I suffer from really bad seasonal allergies and he was able to help me with that as well. I wouldn't recommend a place unless I really believe it made a difference and I can easily recommend this place to my friends and family.

Tina A.(Yelp)

The Lotus Wellness center is unique in that as soon as you walk in you are at ease. Its a modern clinic and the staff is professional. Dr. Moosad is the one who truly puts this place on the map. His attention to detail about you is amazing. He remembers his patients and shows that he cares. He isn't one who wants to see you in as a short as time as possible and then get paid. He takes the time to get to know you and what ailments you are experiencing, no matter how long he has to stay with you. A personal touch in the medical field is hard to find these days. I have been treated there and its a night and day difference. After being adjusted I don't feel as stressed or stiff. I will be going back regularly to get adjusted at this unique, modern and professional clinic.

Milan G.(Yelp)

I walked into Lotus Wellness and was surprised to see that the interior is very modern and the front office staff was polite. My other chiropractor's office seemed like it was straight from the 80's and it was actually a bit of a turnoff. Dr. Moosad treated me and he was absolutely terrific. My shoulder and neck had been bothering me for about a week and he worked on me and then adjusted me and I felt so much better walking out of his office. I was also surprised to see that Dr. Moosad has a x-ray machine in his office to take x-rays. I'll definitely be going back to this place since the office is modern, clean, and most importantly, the doctor knows what he is doing.

John D.(Yelp)